Complaint Filed Against Dept of Education Concerning Public Health Education and Promotion of COVID-19 Vaccines

Complaint Filed Against Department of Education Concerning Public Health Education and Promotion of COVID-19 Vaccines


By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

Many older adults ask me “Why aren’t young persons concerned about the safety and long term effects of COVID-19 vaccines?” One of many factors is that that our educational K-12 and college level courses and certainly schools of public health are probably chocked full of misleading promotional materials for the genetic vaccines.

I learned recently from William Sumner Scott, J.D., executive director of World Peace Through Education Foundation who explained: “Formal education can grant the license for accreditation only if the US Department of Education (“DoEd”) approves. The DoEd has traditionally delegated the review of the accreditation process to the National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (“NACIQI”) to provide a recommendation of the grant of accreditation authority by the Secretary of the DoEd.

Scott, myself, and Steve Kirsch, President of the Vaccine Safety Research Council, are formally complaining that the DoEd NACIQI has failed to conduct proper past pandemic reviews of the Council on Education of Public Health (“CEPH”) which has resulted in serious conflicts of interest by graduates of the schools its accredits in the promotion of vaccines without proper evaluation standards because of monetary incentives and research grants provided by the US government and Big Pharma to the schools of public health.   We have requested a public hearing and denial of the renewal application for accreditation authority of CEPH because it has failed to adopt proper criteria to accredit the schools, particularly they neglected to teach that conflicts of interest must be eliminated.  Promotion of COVID-19 vaccines has been influenced by the favor of acceptance of bonuses, bribes, grants, and employment, and as a result, has caused death and injury to patients as a result of CEPH failure to properly enforce public health education standards.”

We will keep you updated on the progress of these proceedings. Our hope is to get this to the level of official comment and dialogue so that safety data can be acknowledged by educational leaders and on the record for all to see.

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